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Non-null assertion operator in TypeScript

Have you seen something like node!.parent and ever wondered what the post-fix expression ! is doing in the typescript code? That is the non-null assertion operator introduced in TypeScript 2.0. As the typescript documentation notes,

Non-null assertion operator

A new ! post-fix expression operator may be used to assert that its operand is non-null and non-undefined in contexts where the type checker is unable to conclude that fact. Specifically, the operation x! produces a value of the type of x with null and undefined excluded. Similar to type assertions of the forms x and x as T, the ! non-null assertion operator is simply removed in the emitted JavaScript code.

Now let us look at a use case. Suppose we have document.getElementById('post'), the typescript type checker will be unable to determine whether the element will be present in the DOM or not. In such cases, we assure the type checker that the element indeed exist in the DOM using the post-fix expression !. This assertion excludes both null and undefined from the context.

Look at how we do that in code. Suppose we have a class Blog with signature Blog(HtmlElement, object) and we write

let postEl: HTMLElement = document.getElementById('post');

let post = new Blog(postEl, {
  mood: '😊'
  // more options here

We will get the error,

Type ‘HTMLElement | null’ is not assignable to type ‘HTMLElement’.
Type ‘null’ is not assignable to type ‘HTMLElement’.(2322)

The error message tells us that the compiler could not determine the type.

This is where the non-null assertion operator comes in handy. By changing the first line like

let postEl: HTMLElement = document.getElementById('post')!;

the error goes away and the code gets compiled.

And if you look at the emitted javascript code, you can see that the the ! non-null assertion operator is simply removed in the emitted JavaScript code as noted in the documentation.

Happy Coding!

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